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Delicate Skin Research

Build and strengthen skin barrier for a resilient and healthy-looking complexion.

Did you know that
unpredictable sensitive skin is characterised by a weak skin barrier function?


(typical in sensitive skin)


External triggers

A weak skin barrier function is
unable to hold moisture and is
vulnerable to external triggers,
leading to skin problems.

A healthy skin barrier function
locks moisture within the skin and
is resistant to external triggers.

Every d-program product contains a proprietary ingredient
that works to strengthen skin barrier.

H – Stabilising A helps to promote moisture retention, build and strengthen skin barrier function.

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Cleansing Range

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Care Range

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d-program REVIEWS

The d-program Allerdefense Essence comes with SPF46/PA+++, which is very appropriate for Singapore's local climate. The essence comes in the form of a white liquid, which, like both the lotion & emulsion, is fragrance-free, and can be easily absorbed & leaves no white cast on the skin. Even normal combination/dry skin (oily T-zone & dry cheeks) feels comfortable & supple without any sticky feeling after 7-8 hours. Highly recommended!

- Cassandra Tan

I have sensitive skin & wearing mask caused really bad breakouts. The weather in Singapore over the past few months further worsen my skin condition. To be fair, I tried many products in 2 months to save my skin, but it only got worse. That's when I tried out the d-program Acne Care Lotion. The texture is light and comfortable to the skin, just like a toner, it keeps the skin moisturised but not oily. I am halfway through the lotion & the redness of my skin has reduced significantly.

- Raines Lim

I apply d-program Allerdefense Essence before I put on a full face makeup, the outcome is a very clean and smooth finish unlike other brands that I use! 

- Esther Neo

My skin produces oil quickly but after 3 days of trial, d-program Acne Care Emulsion did assisted with the sebum production, my skin was less shiny. I generally do not incorporate emulsions into my skincare, but now i just might. 

- Sabrina Lee

I have been trying various products to clear my acne (and acne scars) up. It has been an annoying journey, until I received the d-program Acne Care trial set. It soothes and calms my skin, treats and clears up my acne, slowly but surely. My acne scars are not as dark as before. I love the product as they're lightweight and not greasy on my oily skin. It does not agitate my skin either. 

- Ivy Lim

I tried the d-program Acne Care Lotion. It was light and doubled up as a toner as well. It was well absorbed by my skin and did not leave a sticky texture at all. I love it because of the gentle loving care it had for my skin. 

- Chelsea Lin

Received the combination/sensitive skin range. Within 3-4 days of use, I could really feel the difference. Usually by noon, my skin would start to feel oily and sticky (I work from home without A/C) and I'd have to wash my face again, which isn't recommended. The Lotion is fragrance-free and alcohol-free, which is perfect for my sensitive skin. The best part is that the product is non-comedogenic, which is suitable as I have issues of milia seeds too. They have greatly reduced since I started on the d-program set. 

- Jolene Chng

I am quite impressed with how lightweight this sunscreen feels on my face even though it comes with SPF46. It absorbs quickly and does not leave a sticky feeling. After a few hours, my face was still matte with minimal shine even though I have combination skin. I don't generally switch products (have been using the same sunscreen for the last 6 years) but it looks like I will be making the switch to the Allerdefense Essence soon especially since it comes with other skin defense properties. 

- Ning Lai

The d-program Balance Care Lotion does not require the use of cotton pads (plus!). Lightweight and fragrance-free, it absorbs quickly into my skin without causing any tingling sensation as well. It is very important for toners to be alcohol-free. After a week of use, I could see the improvement in my skin texture and it feels hydrated (without the oily feeling) for a longer time. 

- Susan Sim

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