Ultimate UV Protection

Strongest UV protection veil
when in contact with heat, sweat, or water.


Creates a uniform veil that
doesn’t come off easily when
rubbed against towel and cloth.

Super Waterproof

Ensures you’re protected
for all occasions — from
daily leisure to beach getaways.

Gentle to Skin, Easy Rinse

Gentle to the skin as it
comes off easily with soap
despite its resistance to water.

Anessa Ranges

Gold Range

Ultimate UV protection with
50% skincare ingredients.

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Mild Range

With high protection and is gentle to skin.

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Brightening Range

Instantly brightens and moisturises the skin.

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Make Up Range

Contains 3-in-1 benefit for flawless, radiant skin.

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Cool Range

Provides an instant refreshing sensation.

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I’ve been trying out the Perfect UV Skincare Milk with the latest technology called Thermo Booster Technology. It makes use of the heat to strengthen user’s UV defence. This is also the first sunscreen in the world with Thermo Booster Technology! I love the texture as it’s lightweight and non-sticky. 

- Anna

I have combination skin and this Perfect UV Skincare Gel SPF 50+ is great for me because it is lightweight and refreshing. Besides, it’s perfect for our tropical weather. I apply it at the last step of my skincare routine.

- Lydia

I have sensitive skin so I always avoid products with ingredients that could irritate my skin. So glad that Anessa came out with another sunscreen series — Anessa Mild Range — for people with sensitive skin. The Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Mild Milk SPF 35/50+ is so gentle that it did not irritate my skin nor cause me breakouts. 

- Audrey Tiah

You get to protect your face and body from UVA and UVB rays with just one bottle! Love how smooth and non-sticky the Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Milk is upon application! It's also light on the skin and resistant to water and sweat. This is perfect for all occasions!

- Kingsley Tay

This is one of the only products I've tried consistently over the last two weeks and my skin is thanking me for it! My complexion has gotten an overall glow and evenness, I'm thinking about purchasing an actual bottle when this runs out! 

- Hannah

This sunscreen is fantastic. The way it films is perfect —  leaving a matte, velvety finish. It stays on even when you’re dunked and redunked in the water (tried and tested while wakesurfing). It’s formulated for Asian summers, and I would definitely repurchase in a heartbeat! 

- Jemma