1. Widens & Repairs

Widens and repairs the hair’s

cell membrane complex (CMC) passageway 

to absorb beauty ingredients effectively. 

2. Absorbs & Infuses

Formulated with Royal Jelly, Soybean
Protein, and Camellia Seed Oil, it
leaves hair healthy, smooth, and shiny.

3. Seals & Holds

Dual amino acids help repair damaged and

peeling areas of the hair cuticle, firmly seal the

hair’s protective covering, and repair split ends.

Product Ranges

Premium Moist


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Premium Repair


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Premium Repair

Hair Mask

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Dry Shampoo

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After just one use, my hair is silky, smooth, and super-lustrous.

After having my baby, my hair became dry and frizzled. Plus, with a baby at  home I couldn’t go to the hair salon as much. This product was a life-saver for me.

Wonderful fragrance! Also perfectly compatible with my hair.

After just one use, my hair took on a moist texture even before I use a hair dryer.

They’re not kidding! Even when you wash it off in close to zero seconds, it leaves your hair smooth, sleek, and manageable.

I bought it because it said I didn’t have to wait. I’ve been using it exactly as advertised, and my hair is easier to run my fingers through. It’s also more moisturised and manageable. I like it.