Ultimate UV Protection

Strongest UV protection veil
when exposed to heat, sweat, or water.


Creates a uniform veil that
doesn’t come off easily when
rubbed against towel and cloth.

Super Waterproof

Ensures you’re protected
for all occasions — from
daily leisure to beach getaways.

Easily Removable with Soap

Gentle to the skin as it comes
off easily with soap despite
its resistance to water.

Product Ranges

Milk Series

Ultimate protection with
50% skincare ingredients.

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Mild Series

With high protection and is
gentle to skin.

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Whitening Series

Instantly brightens and moisturises the skin.

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BB Foundation Series

Contains 3-in-1 benefit for flawless,
radiant skin.

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I’m falling in love with the Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Milk because it makes my skin soft, radiant and protects my sensitive skin from harmful UV rays. Amazingly, my skin is brighter, dark spots are reduced, and skin texture is better. It gets absorbed well without making my skin oily. I highly recommend this product to women out there who are always exposed to UV rays and have sensitive skin like me. Thanks Anessa, because of this awesome product, my lovely skin feels hydrated and protected.

My holy grail sunscreen! Will never change to the others. Try and experience it by yourself. Worth every penny even though it’s on the high end side.

Love the matte and light finish that doesn’t feel dry. But most importantly, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily. I also love that it doesn’t have the smell of some typical sunscreens.

Love this sunscreen. It gives a matte finish.

Effectively brightened up my skin.

No doubt, it’s always my no. 1 sunscreen.

Great sunscreen. High SPF, no grey undertones, non-oily, and hydrating.

The best sunscreen I have ever used so far! Colourant-free, non-milky, and non-oily for the skin. Will not get a sunburn under the hot sun. Have been using it for a long time. It is always my no. 1 sunscreen!

My all-time favourite sunscreen. It does not leave the greasy or sticky feeling (you must leave it on for a few minutes to let the product settle) and there’s no white cast AT ALL. A little bit of the product is sufficient (not too little like using a concealer). Makeup applies smoothly on top of it. I personally think it works well for all skin types.